Gaming Portfolio

Soul Yard (A Quest for Chaos)

A midnight romp through a dimly lit and slightly funky graveyard.

Under-City Conduits (A Quest for Chaos)

Time to trek through the musty and uninviting caverns, and probably emerge on the other side. If you’re lucky.

A Chipper Day in the Sunny City

So much to do when you are feeling so chipper on such a sunny day in such a bustling city.

Hail to the Wicked King Kale

A handsome and honourable knight is you, the castle of the Wicked King Kale is your stop.

Hearken to the Haunted Halls

A noise in the night, a creak of the stair. Are you alone, or is something else there?

The Ox Talks

In the depths of the Himalayas… there lives an Ox. And he has something to say.


A cold and hopeless trek through a winter snowscape.

Welcome to Your Grooviest Nightmare

Be careful when you go to bed… who knows what spooks and grooves await?

Chip In Your Step

A happy-go-lucky jaunt through a pixel filled meadow.

Journey to the Groovy Depths of Space

What can I say, it’s not easy being a Multi-Dimensional Funk Mastermind.

The Grand Beginning

Starting out on a sunny day in a small village, not a cloud in the sky, and a hint of adventure on the breeze.

The Nefarious Mr. Funk

Just when you were about to reach the end of the danger filled area and save the person/find the item you were looking for… the nefarious Mr. Funk strikes again! Why does he have to own so many robots?